Cave Survey with CaveMeter App

CaveMeter uses an android smartphone to survey a cave with a traverse line.

The application measures the declination and the bearing to the next measuring point and saves data in a file. Length must be determined externally with a tape or laser.

To get good results the Compass must be calibrated.

Just hold the smartphone in your Hand, start the app and perform two or three times a rolling lying eight.

Download cavemeter1.2.11.apk

last update 4. September 2017

An older version of CaveMeter has to be uninstalled first.

And "Allow installation of apps from unknown sources" in the configuration of your smartphone.

The version from Google Play Store (1.0.12) 2. June 2014 is obsolete.

I'm sorry, but I can no longer update it since Google Play Developer Program Policy forces me to subdue to American Export Administration Regulation.

These are so many files, I am unable to read them all. Not to mention understand them.

I do the testing with two smartphones. A "HTC Wildfire S" and a "Samsung Galaxy S4". I'll be pleased about any information on its behaviour on other devices.

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